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Ask Survey Center is a marketing research firm that collects consumer opinions. We depend on consumers to provide feedback and information to help our clients make important decisions about the products they make and the services they offer.

As part of our consumer database, you may be contacted several times a year to participate in a survey, focus group or personal interview on a particular subject or to test a new product. In most instances, we pay study participants from $50 to $200 for their time and opinions.

If you would like to have members of your household included in our database, please complete the entire form below or call us at 714-750-7566 to register. We look forward to hearing from you because . . . YOUR OPINION COUNTS!

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Privacy Protection Policy: It is the practice of the marketing research industry to protect the identity of research participants. Your identity, along with personal demographic information, will be held confidential and not used for reasons outside the scope of the research without your consent. Projects are conducted strictly for research purposes, not for solicitation or sales.


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